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ATL Promotions

Promotional activities carried thorough mass media is above the line promotion, basically constitutes television, newspaper, radio etc. marketing a message memorable to a mass is not an easy task, and it is difficult to tailor a promotion to a specific group o consumers through ATL production method as it is because it is viewed by a mass public with having different needs and of different taste. This method of promotion is expensive.

Ananta group is one of the best promotion company Delhi and we makes ATL events successful by organizing online banner advertisement, place advertisement on bill boards, uses their website to fulfill the requirements of their costumers. Today’s consumers have high expectations than ever before,  as the reason behind this is dramatic improvement in media and communication and transportation system have made the words economy more connected and global. So we enable integrated communication which creates consumers perception.

Committed to excellence our professionals will ensure your projects are produced to your desired expectants with expertise and efficiency, it is a strategy creation of a message that exchanges and communicates with the target market benefits of product or service.

Advantages of above the line methods of promotion;-

  • This technique is targeted towards specific audience and for specific purposes.
  • Uses mass media to promote brands and to reach out the desired and targeted costumers.
  • Aimed towards large number of audiences and more effective.
  • It also involves product demo.
  • Ensures maximum growth of the product and brands.
  • Gets in reach of large audience.

This type of promotion is conventional in nature and connected impersonal to any costumer, this method of promotion are effective and within the law.

As it reaches to a large audience so it increases the sale of product but it is costlier than BTL promotional event. T earned a commission for advertising agency, this is why agencies purchases advertising space and broadcasts for clients, and this type of advertisement creates brand awareness.

Enhance your brand and services get in contact with us we with our skilled technocrats and professional activities will help you to boost your sale.