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Public Event Organizers

We are one of the leading event management group in the country offering a unique event planning and event management in public event field; we are specialized in public event management field.

Typically public event comprises-

  • Entertainment stuffs like concert, music festival
  • Marches and carnival
  • Fair and circuses
  • Religious event
  • Street party
  • Food festival
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports event
  • Performance or public gathering

A public event refers to entertainment, competition, shows, and various other similar events open to the public, Ananta group provides multiple outreaches programmed events that benefits students, educators, community, partners and local neighbors. We preplans the event in essential way to ensure success of your event, we makes sure the venue is adequate for the purpose event and it is based on the imagination, creativity and time and time proven mastery of design excellence at every level so that your precious event is remembered by you and your quittances’ for life time.

We manages right from the colors scheme of the venue to the food and beverages, catering, amusements, and contests lined up for entertainment of guests and participants in the event.

In any public or corporate event sound system and lightening quality plays an important part in its success, our group offers high intensity lights and good sound system that can assist anyone to at least get with the music and dance. Ensuring public safety at an event is our primary goal and since these goals are clearly independent it is the interest of both organizers and partners and the public in cooperation of the event.

Occasions comes in everybody’s life and to make this occasions memorable is our motto, we render every services related to management of a successful event right from the selection of venue, dealing for layout, fabrication, sitting and management of crowds, tenting & pandals, light and sound, live environment and a proper security services to make the event a lifetime memory.