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Club Awara Rafting Rishikesh 

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Rishikesh is one of the most popular ones. It is easily accessible from the capital city of Delhi. Besides this, the city is also a highly revered holy town because of the River Ganges that flows here along with its tributaries. The river has several ebbs and flows that makes it ideal for rafting. These currents vary and are divided as per the level of difficulty.

At the Rafting Camp By Awara tourists are kept well informed about the waters they are about to tread. Grade 1 currents are meant for the absolute beginners as the waters are gentle and it is easy to navigate through them. The most dangerous currents are grade 5 currents that require several years of training before you take your raft out. Even the experts sometimes choose to restrict their rafting expeditions to grade 4 waters.

Now, the rafting camps are ideal for all age groups and are planned based on your group. So if you have children or the elderly in your group, the Grade 1 waters that are very mild are chosen for your rafting tours. That way, safety is maintained as the number one priority. These packages include everything that you will need for your safety such as the lifejackets, the right gear and also well-functioning equipment. You will be accompanied by master trainers who will guide the raft. This allows you to enjoy the waters without any fears.

The biggest advantage with the Rafting Camp By Awara is that you get to enjoy other adventure sports that are popular in the area. You can include activities like bungee jumping, zip lining and rock climbing in your itinerary. There are special trekking expeditions also that allow you to explore the mountains and the valleys in the region.

These packages are extremely affordable and are perfect for families and even corporate getaways. You can plan a simple weekend trip with your whole family or may even choose to attend an elaborate rafting camp club Awara Rishikesh

The tents and cottages provided are extremely comfortable. While you do not have great mobile network in these areas, you can expect basic facilities like light and electricity in your tents. You can choose the type of tent that you want. There are carpeted tents that are fancier and perfect for families. If you are on a lower budget, you can choose simpler tents that will not make any compromises on the level of comfort that you will enjoy in terms of the service and the facilities provided. 

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